Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I believe, that everything has its own cycle. People are getting born and getting buried. There is time for us to learn and to practice, to implement. Somehow I notices several exchanges of this learning-doing cycles in my life. When I am in learning cycle-I am not able to create something, not able to do anything with my own hands ( and usually I always do something with my hand or head), I am just learning, I am absorbing information like a sponge, when I am in doing cycle- I am all the time creating something, doing, building, crashing, designing. 
A week a go I was in practical one, with my secret and experimental project "Foil" ("Lamina" in Italia, "Фольга" in Russian). But week passed and it seems now I am again in theoretical part of life. It's a bit strange, cause now I have again a lot of thoughts in my head and they all are different (topics vary from sustainable furniture production, to magazine creation, from NY presents to photoshooting, from nothing to everything). And it seems that I should be concrete, but I am not able to be concentrate. Like brain is thinking something unconsciously without my supervision.
That's why I just decided to share with you some street art, which I just observe through http://unurth.com website, and I enjoy, searching for inspiration and graphical pleasure, may be there you will also find some interesting and inspiring things! 
By the way there are a lot of pics there, but now I appreciate those with wide social context. May be you will also find some from the unurth.com collection interesting and useful (:
Michael Aaron Williams, Homeless in Paris
Like this cause here we also have a lot of shops, restaurants, everything for you to consume. Consume until you are not consumed, -this should be a slogan of contemporary city. Consumption and money. But people in this consumption society really forget that every winter at least 200 people, homeless people, die in St.Petersburg because of cold...

Just like it. Cause they show very kind relations with external environment. If you have been to old parks in St.Pete you may noticed, that those trees of 300 years old, some parts of them were cut in "medical purposes" and those parts are absolutely black. Handicaped tree. These guys are helping them to look nice (:

Here is one more thing I liked tonight. Video from of Amnesty International.

I heard there was a kind of survey 2 days ago and they were asking people, what do they think street art (mostly graffiti) is, vandalism or art? And you know, the results were 50%*50%. How do you think people think in your city? And what do you think?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is entropy and how to fight with it?

Take the assembled Rubik's cube and start randomly turning its face. After a few turns it will be completely dismantled. Now continue randomly rotate the cube faces as long as they will not meet again.
Pretty soon you will realize, that nothing you do succeeded, but do not worry: you have not collected the Rubik's cube, but it illustrated the second law of thermodynamics:

The entropy of an isolated system can not decrease.

Entropy - a measure of disorder and chaos. You have invited friends for a Christmas party, tidied up, washed the floor, spread out on the table, snacks and drinks. In short, you  removed as much chaos as you could. It is a system with a small entropy.
You all probably imagine what happens to the apartment, if the party finished: total chaos. This morning you have your apartments as the disposal system with a large entropy.
In order to bring the apartment in correct order, we must tide up, spend a lot of energy. Entropy of the system decreased, but there is no contradiction with thesecond law of thermodynamics- you add the energy from the outside, and system is not isolated.
In nature all ordered things are tend to chaos, to destruction. But what to do with life on Earth? All living organisms are incredibly complexed and ordered, and somehow all their life is struggling with the entropy. 
Living organisms are in the process of redistributing the entropy of life around himthat is, transfer of entropy around. For example, when we eat a sandwich, then ordered a nice bread and butter, we make becomes disordered mass which we will easily throw in the toilet. It turns out that  we gave entropy to sandwich, but in the overall system entropy is not decreased.
Now I start to understand that all those chaos we (me&you)  have in our flats and houses, in our wardrobes and on the tables is just entropy which we gave to those things around to make balance inside of ourselves.
I decided to make this post, after reading some nice information at http://theoryandpractice.ru/posts/983-chto-takoe-entropiya-i-kak-s-ney-borotsya

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roboworld-Rat brained processor

For many years already we are watching movies where robots are actors and main heroes. Contemporary art is also full of Robotheme. And I find a kind of esthetics in it!
Here is one good and pretty stylish example from Carl Eric Rinsch (RSA), who also uses robots in his work. And create mixture from Soviet Russia culture and the future.

But I am writing this also to say, that this kind of future is probably not so far from our time. I found example of public experiments which aimed to unite rat brain neurons and and processor. Here you can see what happened. This creature is able to learn and study as alive rats can! But it uses robobody. I was amazed by this, really! It is absolutely close step to unite human brain with computer processor and create true neuronet system.

More about Rat brained robot experiment you can read here: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/biomedical/bionics/rat-brain-robot-grows-up


If only all human could love like this!
Watch short movie by Spike Jonze. You will not regret!

Moving forward --> Web 3.0 --> Web 4.0

Today I would like to diagnose World Wide Web! This will not be scientific research. Just my opinion and collage of opinions other people about this.
There is an idea, that web 1.0 was describing our world, on-line networks facilitated delivery of information from one person to another, web 2.0 allowed interaction and communication between user (in this condition we are living now/our social media era), web 3.0 will allow direct collaboration between people and contribution to create new knowledge, web 4.0 will change/transform our physical society and will make it better place! [http://www.marcuscake.com/key-concepts/internet-evolution]

In era of Web 3.0 people are not just communicating between each other, they are collaborating with organizations and industries.
  • The definition was first given by Jason Calacanis. This is a technological phenomenon (networks and new on-line platform). And it is combination of technosphere of society web 2.0 with professional and expert's mind. 
  • Some people identify web 3.0 with Semantic web. Where the meaning means! [http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_3.0]
  • It is time of narrowly specified web-pages, with a certain group of experts united according sphere of their work and interests.
  • There is an automatic META system of recommendations.
  • It is knowledge management and management of knowledge.
  • It is multimedia search [you can find needed content among videos].
  • There is world in 3D.

Web 4.0 is time where critical mass of human beings is on internet, it becomes cosmopolite civil society. Community has sovereignty to channels and information.

There is also an opinion which says:
  • Web 0.0 - people want to connect with somebody/something
  • Web 1.0 - user receive text
  • Web 2.0 - user creates text
  • Web 3.0 - users/ community create text
  • Web 4.0 - text thinks instead of user
  • Web 5.0 - text communicates with text
  • Web 6.0 - text deletes all users/ they are useless/ AI exists

If Web 1.0 was linear world (x=y+1),  Web 2.02D world, web 3.03D, etc..

But why am I writing this? Because not so positive scenario also exists.

Web 1.0 was closed, lack of technologies, lack of communication, lack of information.
Web 2.0 was connected with growth of information, openness in social networks, everybody shares everything with everybody. There is almost no privacy and everybody can find everything about you and me. We do it by ourself and we think, that if you are not present in social media, you don't exist!
Web 3.0 in my opinion characterize itself with spy networks. There is too much information and it is too open. People start to experience lack of privacy, cause other people know everything. People start to burry their own social media accounts. There are even social media deaths. [http://www.socialtimes.com/2010/12/will-lady-gagas-social-death-make-you-donate-for-world-aids-day/
One syndrome which shows that we are moving to it. Is establishment of  International Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, where countries subscribe under unbearable things connected with copyright and also human rights. Soon there will be opportunity to put you in prison if you had listed pirate songs from torrent website. Here you can read more about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement 
And I think that it is an important sign of movement to the next level. That's why I also think that web 4.0 can possibly be not civil society in the internet, but absolutely closed internet society, with a lot of limits and rules or privacy.

Here you can find some more resources about Semantic Web, some of them are in Russian:

What do you think about Web? 
Which scenario do you believe is more able to happen?

Friday, December 17, 2010

My woolen trees

Sometime ago I found a new hobby. In winter, where everything is in different colors of white specter, where there is no green grass and green trees, I wanted to bring so more colors and may be even to create a beautiful forest.
I started with colorful balls of wool, and sleeping trees.
Here there are my trees, which can be not just good decoration of the house, but also decorations for my further ideas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pandemia we never think too much about, till it is too close to us not to feel

AIDS is now a pandemic. In 2007, UNAIDS estimated: 33.2 million people worldwide had AIDS that year; AIDS killed an 2.1 million people in the course of that year, including 330,000 children, and 76% of those deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. According to UNAIDS 2009 report, worldwide some 60 million people have been infected, with some 25 million deaths, and 14 million orphaned children in southern Africa alone since the epidemic began. [Wikipedia writes]

Why am I writing about it?
Today I passed huge examination in hospital, made more than 15 different blood test and two of them were HIV| AIDS. And 99% I feel that the result will be negative, still there is temptation in my heart.
1st of December was official day against world's most spread disease HIV|AIDS. A1N1 flu is cold a media bomb, nothing but lie, comparing to this pandemic, which was firstly identified in 1981.

And I posted some videos related to this problem, phenomenon, thing to think and generally, the illness which doesn't have any final treatment.
Here I want to share with you videos, which clearly speak about THIS.

What I want to say, that I care about it. But again, I think that despite the fact, that so many people are ill and so many people are getting effected every day. There is very few opportunities for people to get those treatment, very few correct social advertising (mostly sharp propaganda), very few engagement in society about this.
Here is an article which gives tremendous numbers about HIV|AIDS in post-soviet countries. And those prognoses are not colorful. http://www.avert.org/aids-russia.htm . Here is statistics worldwide, where they say that in 2009 there were 33 millions of people with HIV, and 16 millions of orphans died with these disease. http://www.avert.org/worldstats.htm

I don't have particular question to you, dear reader. It is mostly my reflection around information I got.
But what would stimulate you to be more careful in your life? What would make you care about those who have this illness? What would make you 'find the vaccine"?