Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Sunday I have been to Triennalle in Milano.
I visited an exhibition of Italian design. I can't say that I was impressed, cause I saw part of the exhivbition in St.Petersburg in LOFT project ETAGHI.

But then I took a magazin about PIRELLI exhibition.
Truly say, some old very nice deep feeling arose inside me.

I remembered my love to different industrial things, fabrics, man, machines, factories.

For sure my love to such kind of thing came from my life in Sverdlovsk -45 , in Russia and my enjoyment of factories in St.Petersburg.

It is very exited to me, such kind of things. I would like to work with this kind of things, this kind of man and machines. It is something that have calm power, strength and laconic.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was thinking about the Piramid of Need , which Maslou invented.
We spoke about it a lot at hte university, but today I experienced all the power of it.

I couldn't work, because my primitive needs weren't satisfied. I wanted to eat, to sleep, and ...

Yes, really, it influence a lot on the work you do, becuase you can't have an inspiration, while thinking all the time about your stomach or your eyes, which are going to close each minute.

From the other hand, sometimes, when you feel yourself hungry and sleepy, you are run by some inner strength, inner inspiration. Something is leading you to your idea.

Want to be actually in that mood.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Truly say, MyAIESEC.net plays a huge role in a life of all AIESECers.
I am an AIESECer. And now I work in MC of AIESEC in Italy. I am MC VP Communications.

Why am I writing this? Because now I am resposible for web publishing. And I am fucking for already 2 hours trying to put some videos and brochures on the web-page. And you know what?
It is not successful. You know, I feel myself very stupid. Why? Because I studies informational technologies in university, and I can't do this.

Last 2 days I have some problems with all this staff. My karma.

Finish with this.

Sad Anna

Monday, July 13, 2009


Time is passing and passing, every day and every day...
Really it is like a river, where you can't enter twice.
So many things happened with me last 3 weeks.
It was a time of new. New people, new things, new activities , new food, new challenges, new air...

I liked this time a lot, even if it is difficult for me to remember all the emotions all activities, which were happening to me that time.

But it is a time of my life....

Now I am a little bit sad, because a lot of changes are happening in my small young and very naive soul. I see this as good movements, but I don't know where they will lead me.