Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Design for all (adaptation for visually impaired people)

Hey, all!

It has been a lot of time, since I written a word here.
But may be it was just too intense.
Want to tell you some updated on our project of adaptation of Karelian State Philharmonic Hall for needs of visually impaired people "In ACCORDance with a human". 
Want to remind that we made a deep analysis of the Philharmonic hall in Petrozavodsk city with the help our 3 visually impaired guides and the dog, we gave different solutions around several spheres:

  • physical accessibility
  • informational availability
  • objects
  • navigation

Here is a small overview for you in our short video, where you also can see them in 3D video tour.
Project under "Design for all" Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg.