Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hands On - Hand Made (vol.1)

It has been a long time, since I didn't write anything in my blog.
It was very tiring and intensive period with a lot of work, ideas, people and emotions. Till now I was feeling kind of empty. But now I am ready to share.
Me and my friend Stepan Belyakov (www.styoupa.ru) started TV career. We were authors, creators and TV-presentors of a show called "Ideas for the House" [later I will write a separate post about this satellite TV channel, but now I want to show you those things we were able to make with our own hands and to explain the idea and process to people].
My favorite topic is Cardboard
Great Recyclable Material. Popular among Dutch designers. People throw out thousand of tons of cardboard everyday. 
So we went around many of junk yards in the center of the city, searching for broken chairs, cardboard material, and other objects.
And we created a futuristic chair for garden, living room or terrace. And a coffee table.
Coffee table has rather simple but stable construction. To create this chair we collected more that 75 pieces of packing dual-layer, tree-layer and four-layer cardboard material, 3-4 liters of glue and something like 5 days of cutting and glueing. It was difficult. But the result is exciting.