Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hand-made shoulders

Although it passed a lot of time since we finished our work on TV with Stepan Belyakov  here in Russia. But still those creature we made are with us. And it would be cruel (: no to share them with you.
So here are 3 ideas how to make shoulder from a chair and cardboard.
1. You have old broken chair / you find it
2. Cut off a chair of a seat
3. Color it
4. Put a hook inside

1. Attach foam to the broken stool bar
2. Sew 2 covers from any lovable material
3. Pull the covers on the barr
4. Create a hook from the wire
5. Decorate

1. Take cardboard
2. Draw the silhouette
3. Сut it with a knife

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year and Traditions

What is this tradition to celebrate New Year according to the New Style and according to the Old style? In Russia New Year is being celebrated on 31st of December. And Christmas is on 6th of January (25th of December in other countries). According to the Old Style New Year celebrated on 13th of January (and Christmas, probable on 25th of December as well). So today is the first day of New Year 2012! So again! I would like to congratulate you and to send you some of my New Year's greeting from Russia, where it is raining!

Tweet - the new currency

Technologies created new currency. Paying with a tweetIt is convenient, it is simple. It works. I still can not understand if it is smart innovative idea or smart innovative idea which creates a trend. In the era of information, copyleft and torrents tweet has become more than a short message of 140 symbols. 

You can pay for new book, interesting artwork, new font.
At Paywithatweet.com you can learn more. And you can sell something "for a tweet".
Actually, all our Twitter accounts have their value (which you have probably checked already at Tweetvalue.com ), and it means that we bring our value to those things we are tweeting everyday.
A clever young men came up with an idea of the Stock Exchange of Twitter accounts,which now exists in Russian cyberspace. There you can buy shares of a particular person / company / account, as well as to sell, earning this money. Check it --> Twistosk.

Which will be the next innovative step in social media-money relationship?