Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tweet - the new currency

Technologies created new currency. Paying with a tweetIt is convenient, it is simple. It works. I still can not understand if it is smart innovative idea or smart innovative idea which creates a trend. In the era of information, copyleft and torrents tweet has become more than a short message of 140 symbols. 

You can pay for new book, interesting artwork, new font.
At you can learn more. And you can sell something "for a tweet".
Actually, all our Twitter accounts have their value (which you have probably checked already at ), and it means that we bring our value to those things we are tweeting everyday.
A clever young men came up with an idea of the Stock Exchange of Twitter accounts,which now exists in Russian cyberspace. There you can buy shares of a particular person / company / account, as well as to sell, earning this money. Check it --> Twistosk.

Which will be the next innovative step in social media-money relationship?

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