Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goodbye letters

Ones I have been in a one very good master-class around communication area. And the most amazing thing I heard there was: 'you as communication responsible of an organization should be ready to write about everything, also you need to be ready to write a necrology. Imagine that now you will have flights back home and airplane of some of your friends/colleges will not need to write about this terrible thing which happened to all other people...'

This was a complete insight for me and I understood one more time the ultimate function of communication.

But what if you 'have died' by yourself. If something happen in your life and in your previous function/image/condition/status you just don't exist. How should you write about yourself?

What should you write?

What if other people also deleted you from their lifes, from their facebook accounts, from their calendars and from the web-page which you have been editing and now not.

How and what?

Time. Time will show. Yeap?