Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I believe, that everything has its own cycle. People are getting born and getting buried. There is time for us to learn and to practice, to implement. Somehow I notices several exchanges of this learning-doing cycles in my life. When I am in learning cycle-I am not able to create something, not able to do anything with my own hands ( and usually I always do something with my hand or head), I am just learning, I am absorbing information like a sponge, when I am in doing cycle- I am all the time creating something, doing, building, crashing, designing. 
A week a go I was in practical one, with my secret and experimental project "Foil" ("Lamina" in Italia, "Фольга" in Russian). But week passed and it seems now I am again in theoretical part of life. It's a bit strange, cause now I have again a lot of thoughts in my head and they all are different (topics vary from sustainable furniture production, to magazine creation, from NY presents to photoshooting, from nothing to everything). And it seems that I should be concrete, but I am not able to be concentrate. Like brain is thinking something unconsciously without my supervision.
That's why I just decided to share with you some street art, which I just observe through http://unurth.com website, and I enjoy, searching for inspiration and graphical pleasure, may be there you will also find some interesting and inspiring things! 
By the way there are a lot of pics there, but now I appreciate those with wide social context. May be you will also find some from the unurth.com collection interesting and useful (:
Michael Aaron Williams, Homeless in Paris
Like this cause here we also have a lot of shops, restaurants, everything for you to consume. Consume until you are not consumed, -this should be a slogan of contemporary city. Consumption and money. But people in this consumption society really forget that every winter at least 200 people, homeless people, die in St.Petersburg because of cold...

Just like it. Cause they show very kind relations with external environment. If you have been to old parks in St.Pete you may noticed, that those trees of 300 years old, some parts of them were cut in "medical purposes" and those parts are absolutely black. Handicaped tree. These guys are helping them to look nice (:

Here is one more thing I liked tonight. Video from of Amnesty International.

I heard there was a kind of survey 2 days ago and they were asking people, what do they think street art (mostly graffiti) is, vandalism or art? And you know, the results were 50%*50%. How do you think people think in your city? And what do you think?

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