Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moving forward --> Web 3.0 --> Web 4.0

Today I would like to diagnose World Wide Web! This will not be scientific research. Just my opinion and collage of opinions other people about this.
There is an idea, that web 1.0 was describing our world, on-line networks facilitated delivery of information from one person to another, web 2.0 allowed interaction and communication between user (in this condition we are living now/our social media era), web 3.0 will allow direct collaboration between people and contribution to create new knowledge, web 4.0 will change/transform our physical society and will make it better place! []

In era of Web 3.0 people are not just communicating between each other, they are collaborating with organizations and industries.
  • The definition was first given by Jason Calacanis. This is a technological phenomenon (networks and new on-line platform). And it is combination of technosphere of society web 2.0 with professional and expert's mind. 
  • Some people identify web 3.0 with Semantic web. Where the meaning means! []
  • It is time of narrowly specified web-pages, with a certain group of experts united according sphere of their work and interests.
  • There is an automatic META system of recommendations.
  • It is knowledge management and management of knowledge.
  • It is multimedia search [you can find needed content among videos].
  • There is world in 3D.

Web 4.0 is time where critical mass of human beings is on internet, it becomes cosmopolite civil society. Community has sovereignty to channels and information.

There is also an opinion which says:
  • Web 0.0 - people want to connect with somebody/something
  • Web 1.0 - user receive text
  • Web 2.0 - user creates text
  • Web 3.0 - users/ community create text
  • Web 4.0 - text thinks instead of user
  • Web 5.0 - text communicates with text
  • Web 6.0 - text deletes all users/ they are useless/ AI exists

If Web 1.0 was linear world (x=y+1),  Web 2.02D world, web 3.03D, etc..

But why am I writing this? Because not so positive scenario also exists.

Web 1.0 was closed, lack of technologies, lack of communication, lack of information.
Web 2.0 was connected with growth of information, openness in social networks, everybody shares everything with everybody. There is almost no privacy and everybody can find everything about you and me. We do it by ourself and we think, that if you are not present in social media, you don't exist!
Web 3.0 in my opinion characterize itself with spy networks. There is too much information and it is too open. People start to experience lack of privacy, cause other people know everything. People start to burry their own social media accounts. There are even social media deaths. [
One syndrome which shows that we are moving to it. Is establishment of  International Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, where countries subscribe under unbearable things connected with copyright and also human rights. Soon there will be opportunity to put you in prison if you had listed pirate songs from torrent website. Here you can read more about it 
And I think that it is an important sign of movement to the next level. That's why I also think that web 4.0 can possibly be not civil society in the internet, but absolutely closed internet society, with a lot of limits and rules or privacy.

Here you can find some more resources about Semantic Web, some of them are in Russian:

What do you think about Web? 
Which scenario do you believe is more able to happen?

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  1. а я уж было подумал что тушку web 3.0 перестали мучить и закопали, а тут вон оно как... веб 4.0, веб 5.0 :)) уже очевидно что следующая социальная волна накрывает нас в области локейшена, а это еще меньше прайваси. И все эти "социальные смерти" лишь показуха и пеар, не станут они массовыми. а что касается next big thing после локейшена, то есть мнение что это персонализация/управление входящими потоками информации, а также коллаборативная фильтрация на базе интересов. Виртуальные связи между людьми - слишком полезная и приятная штука, от которых мы вряд ли откажемся, но необходимость "причесать" эту среду уже становится для многих насущной.