Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roboworld-Rat brained processor

For many years already we are watching movies where robots are actors and main heroes. Contemporary art is also full of Robotheme. And I find a kind of esthetics in it!
Here is one good and pretty stylish example from Carl Eric Rinsch (RSA), who also uses robots in his work. And create mixture from Soviet Russia culture and the future.

But I am writing this also to say, that this kind of future is probably not so far from our time. I found example of public experiments which aimed to unite rat brain neurons and and processor. Here you can see what happened. This creature is able to learn and study as alive rats can! But it uses robobody. I was amazed by this, really! It is absolutely close step to unite human brain with computer processor and create true neuronet system.

More about Rat brained robot experiment you can read here:

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