Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REcycling ART + ADV

Wanna share with you one very nice outdoor advertising campaign from Mini.
In a smart and beautiful way they make innovative outdoor advertising for their product. I liked it. Interesting point is that all their banners are different one from another.


  1. - Very big costs for creating one poster (extremly expensive ad campaign)
    - I didn't catch the message
    - No viral effect at all ((
    If they have budget for branding, so it's OK, but it's not effective at all.

  2. I think that is not very much expensive, cause they didn't print posters and they didn't put posters on a board, they had just used those materials which had been placed on a board before them. So all that layers have already been on a board, they just made their design
    I think the message was that Mini is creative enough to use out-of-date paper ads to make something in their style
    Don't know about viral effect- this is outdoor advertising
    and I think Mini Cooper as other expensive car brands has budget for any bullshit