Friday, June 10, 2011

I think I am in Like with you

Social media changes our life completely.
Today, instead " I think I am in Love with you", it is possible to say "I think I am in Like with you". That's a new form of emotions, feelings and relations. 
Out of 767 friends on Facebook and 679 friends on Vkontakte, with whom of you I really share my reality, who of you devote yourself to our friendship? This list certainly will be shorter. Cause Facebook is mostly showing our network, and friends doesn't mean friends.
But what I noticed, new technologies doesn't really help me to be "a good friend". And I can say that I am very bad in virtual communication with my friends, in maintaining friend's relationships with you, friends. It's a pity. And I am sorry for this.
But really to maintain relations I should probably create my own communication strategy, and servicing plan, to service my friends on a regular basis and connect with friends more often. Cause friends are those who share your life somehow...
I found a video, where a girl is putting a tattoo made of her 200 friend's profiles on Facebook. It is amazing. Really, in honor to all those people who feel themselves as my friends, I devote you this video. I want to reveal some of my feeling to you. 
Friends will be Friends?!

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