Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Magna Cosma design job is finished!

I am satisfied with those job we did together with girls from HR department of "Magna Cosma" factory here in St.Petersburg. Personally, I am fan machines, vehicles, automotive production, etc. But first of all I am fan of those brain, who created all those machine and who made them alive. And for sure I like the productive line of this factory. Cause robots now are able to do a lot of things.
Recently, we have finished internal communications campaign. The main goals of visual parts were:

  • to introduce new concept of fairness committee to workers,
  • to deliver benefits  and tasks to them
  • and to have them prepared to make a decision when electing this committee.

So, mostly those posters and brochure are made of information.They are formal and almost not emotional. They are aimed to make people also proud of their work place. Their work place is taking care of them, and company wants to have civil society inside workplace with people "who care".
There is a logo of fairness committee. Colors of materials are colors of Magna brand (dark grey and bloody red).
Here are works. Hope, you will like them!

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