Monday, July 25, 2011

Irrational Living-Irrational Planning

What to do, if planning models don't work and strict graphic causes monotony and boredom?
These questions were following me for a lot of time.
There are 2 types of people:
  1. The first type are consistent, systematic, deliberate, organized and thoughtful people (Rational);
  2. The second type are spontaneous, impulsive, improvise people, who are flexible in emergency situations (Irrational).

Almost all modern systems of time management are ideally suited only to rational people.But for the irrational, these methods are unnatural. When irrational are trying to accustom themselves to planning, they are swimming against the stream and act against their inner nature. The following happens with every irrational, forcing himself to run on schedule: he/she burns! There is no motivation, and thoughts about the work are disgusting.

SIGNS  of irrational:
  • Have a whole arsenal of different purposes. Strive to develop in various fields;
  • When he can not achieve the same goal, irrational, switch to another. In contrast to the rational, that changes not the goal, but a way of achieving it.
  • The efficiency strongly depends on the mood. If irrational is in bad mood, he will avoid the planned work, putting it "for later";
  • Uniformity and monotony oppresses them. They like to do the work in the form of the game. They are often looking for new ways to perform the same work;
  • Spontaneous and unpredictable. In unforeseen circumstances, act quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Lack of control over the situation does not bother them;
  • Do not like to clean up. They do not care, if things are on place or not. The term "creative clutter" was invented by irrational;
  • Always tolerate failures, trying to apply the recommendations of recognized systems of time management;
  • Motivation decreases, when they have to learn new stuff, reading a book in a strict sequence. Often they want to go ahead and move on to more interesting
  • chapters;
  • For them is difficult to answer such questions as: "What will you have for dinner?", "How much time will be at a party?", "How much time do you need to do this job?";
  • When talking they may switch to  extraneous topics, then return to the main topic, then get distracted.
So how to transform those weaknesses of irrational people into their strengths?
There is no logical way to do this. Let's just transform them.

Irrational never finish one case and grab the other case.
May be you noticed once, that you want to learn Adobe Photoshop, and play guitar, and learn new language and practice yoga... So many things and you don't know on which to concentrate.
The solution is: Never isolate yourself from other goals, allow yourself to move in all interesting directions! That's according your nature.

Uniformity and monotonous labor are killing motivation
Trying to reach result they ignore new emotions and new impressions.
Solution is to switch spontaneously from one thing to another during a day. Put one hour on playing, another one on doing some practices, than some hours to work for your сlient. 

Productivity depends on the mood
We are not talking about emotions, we are talking about mood to do some particular for today, now. It happens that now you don't want to make presentation. But it means that now you want to work on something absolutely different.
Solution is to have a list of things you want and need to do, and switch from one to another during a day when you have mood.

If you are listening to yourself, doing this irrational things you may increase your productivity a lot and become a person, who is able to do 100 things at the same time successfully.

I found an article and read it. And everything sounded like it was about me. That's true, that's the way I behave, and that's my type of productivity. I also had those doubts, that may be I need to concentrate and finish one thing I started. But then I was losing every motivation, mood and productivity, that time procrastination appeared. Now i am sure, how and what I need to do.

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  1. im highly rational person but still feel like all these signs are just about me so what i'm doing wrong? )

    it seems like people are irrational by design =) i think most of problems that each man resolves every minute can't be accurate solved in reasonable time
    Please, who is realy able to answer "How much time will be at a party?", "How much time do you need to do this job?"