Monday, April 4, 2011

RE-BAG (Recycling+Reusing+Reducing)

Bom dia, gente!
Welcome you to my new experiment, connected with recycling and reusing of plastic bags! In my first bag I used 4 other plastic bags, and the heat of an iron. 
I have some new ideas of design of upcoming reused plastic bags, and here is my small manifesto, which I also would like to share with you!
I also have an idea to create a fabric bag, which is gonna promote more eco-responsible style of life.
Here is a drawing! The title will change, and I will add some slogan.

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  1. 1 million plastic bags are used every minute. I was reading this interesting article about how reuse of plastic bags are promoted. I agree with the article that Tesco seems to get it right, giving you a discount if you bring your own bag.

    Credit where credit is due. The Write Future, one of the web blogs I follow was my source. Here is the link.