Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life from the perspective of Thing

Have you ever thought, how you Chair feels when you sit on Him?
Have you ever thought, what your Spoon is thinking when you put Her in your mouth?
Have you ever thought, what you Pillow dreams about when you put your head on Her?
We are able to "anthropomorphize" some of objects we are dealing with every day: our cars, mobile phones, computers.
But have you ever thought, how could be a life from the perspective of Plastic Bag or of Rubber?
An interesting perspective on life you can find in 1 short-cut movie "Plastic Bag" by Futurestates and in full-length movie "Rubber" by Quentin Dupieux.
I watched both of them and I like both of them. And there is not only ecological thematic in these films, but many more.
Have a good watching!

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