Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be consistent in your desires

Why am I writing about it now?
Cause some days ago I faced very interesting situation happened with me and my friend. But I will tell you my story.
 Since summer I was thinking what should I do with my life? Should I start my own business, should I learn a bit more, should I work in company or organzation?  That time I decided to apply to study at Strelka Design Insitute in Moscow, I prepared application an portfolio (they were cool), but I was not selected, most people selected that time had a background in architecture. I understood it that it is not the time for me now to study. It is time to practically apply my experience.
Then I asked myself, what do I want to do? And I decided to try my self on TV. Me and my friend went to TV casting. It was fun for us, we were not too serious about it. But In 3 week I had a call telling me that they want to see me as TV -presentor. The programm, where  I suppose to create interior design things for country house (this I like to do a lot-designing!). I was excited and we agreed that I have 2 weeks to think about those TV programms and things I am gonna do and in December we should start recording videos. 1 month past and I didn't receive a call. I decided to call myself to TV channels, but I couldn't reach the editor of my programm, I called 3 times but it was not successful. I thought that may be some obstacles arose, or they have change their mind... So I decided to apply for the very interesting internship in Brazil, in VALE. I started to write my application. I wanted to apply for Communication Planning and Project Analyst, but people responsible for the selection process, recommended me to apply for Digital Media Analyst, cause I didn't match some "required" criteria in previous one. I started to pass through the selection process and it happened that I was selected for the 1st internship I wanted at the beginning. This process was quit long, but on 6th of January I was matched!
Then I started to solve quiestion with visa and passport and I found that I really face so many obstacles, I was absolutely pissed off. And the day I was the most down I had a call from TV (almost 3 month later), where they were asking if I am ready to record my TV programm. It was a shock for me! I have 2 opportunities where I am accepted and both of them are interesting and cool, but I already made bigger step to Brazil and I refused TV one.
At the same time I applied to participate in Art House Coop Sketchbook project. I was supposed to receive the sketchbook to draw in by the end of November, but I arrived only on 3rd of January! I had only 10 days before the deadline to draw a whole book! And of course I was in a rush and couldn't not sent it by 15th of January. But the day before deadline, organizational committee announced that deadline is prolonged for 3 days! So I was able to send everyting on time, cause I was consistent.
At the end of the day, I want to say, that to reach you goal of course you need to be focused on it. There should be one important thing in single moment of time, when you start to double you goals or things you wanna reach, you may not only not achieve any of them, but the worst, you may achieve them both and then you will need to make a hard choice!

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