Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 in 1: digital and analog signal

I have been already writing about the fact that we are slightly living in digital society now and about the role of the book in our times (In the world where the only constant is change). But from another hand our life is still absolutely full of this fantastic mix of past and present, digital and analog, black and white.
Some days ago I found a very interesting idea of the bookmade by Jonathan Safran Foen "Tree of Codes". His idea is that reading a book can be in a different way. It is not that important to go from page 1 to page N. You can FIND needed thought, you should FIND then by making a mix of hyperlinks inside book.
Also guys from Visual Editions decided to change/ to make experiment of  the standard format of the book, invented centuries ago, and designed some other books.I  liked it. Hope, you will find it interesting too!

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