Saturday, January 8, 2011


Can not not to write about this phenomenon.
To give simple definition, zombies- are undead creatures made of former people.
But I want to write about them as a character of our times.
Cause I think. They are not only book's and film's heroes, like vampires, werewolves or supermen, they are also people, who are extremely focused on something (they are working on something like hell, they are watching TV like being hooked, they are playing computer games like crazy).
Last years they became extremely popular, in my opinion. For some clerks 'killing zombie' in a computer game is something like checking 400 spam e-mails.
Personally, I didn't like movies about them, but some time ago I started to play computer game "Call of duty. BlackOps" and special edition "Zombie". The game is simple- my mission is to kill, to earn money and to stay alive. Playing this game I started to feel like zombie, some kind of interest, strategical thinking and ardor arose in me. And what is more interesting I found a book by Max Brooks "The Zombie Survival Guide".
I think it is genuine, despite the fact that it is written about zombie. In this book there is so much useful and logically correct information which may help me [us] to survive during any biological war, any zombie attack, or any technological disaster. There is information about weapons, shelter, behavior to survive, team leading, preparation, psychology of the crowd, etc, etc. And I really read it all and I understand that may be it is unlikely to face walking undead, but I really agree with author, that it is better to be prepared.
After playing and reading I had a dream where I was like playing a game after reading the book, but I used knowledge in my dream and it was awesome cause I didn't die!!! And this was absolutely crazy.
At the end I wanted to share with you some links and wanted to warn you not to become zombie in any sense!
Survive a Zombie Apocalipsis
Mathematical Model of Survival in Zombie Attack
The Zombie Survival Guide (e-book)
P.S. Also I don't believe that they don't exist or didn't exist...

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