Friday, November 19, 2010

Unnamed [driving carefully].

Here is one video, which can show you a bit of something which happened with me once.
Let's say that I was the one from the 2nd scenario. And now I will tell you about this .
This was late rainy night walk home after cinema. Me and my boyfriend went on a green light crossing zebra lines towards our home. Almost 2 meters from the sidewalk we were hit by a big black Lexus car. I was from the right side and I received almost all power of the hit. But we both were almost laying down on the ground. 
It is an interesting feeling. You can hardly forget it. Like movie scene, where heroe is shut by a gun. And he is feeling the cold steel bullet in his body. I felt strong, powerful, warm, black, wet, rigid metal of the car first hitting my loin, then my blond-haired head hitting by inertia the hood of the car. It was just few seconds, and then I  felt my body on a wet asphalt, and raindrops were making me all wet. 
My boyfriend was in a shock condition as me, but his reaction was to punish the offender, who told that he didn't see both of us crossing the street. Some people decided to move me from the carriage way next to the closed shop. A woman came and told that she could be the witness, a man brought my keys, which I lost while falling down. 
Rain, it was raining fuckingly so much that I could not be adequate. It was cold, so wet and cold and I felt the wet granite stairs under my ass. 
The funny thing was that while we were waiting for an emergency aid, the wierdy beggar came to me, shaking from the cold and shock, and started to ask for money.
Ambulance, police and even firemen came to check our situation. They said that if we do everything officially those guys will lose their right to drive. The also said that my condition was moderately bad and we decided to solve everything without police (as we do it in .Ru). Later we understood that there were good and bad sides of it, but personally I couldn't make any decision that time. 
Doctors made all necessary examination with me and we came back home at 5 in the morning.
We couldn't sleep. We both were shocked. And we cried cause we were happy that we stay alive and everything is moderately good with us. 
Later several weeks of pain in my back, head and knees. I almost forgot. Now I am more and more afraid of crossing the street. Cause very few people driving cars could understand how 5 less kilometers of their speed could save someones life...

Here is one more video, may be less positive, but it shows the situation on road in my country, where sometimes 'man is a wolf'.

It is said in this video : Be careful, there are alive people in metal cars.
I would also add: Be careful, there are alive people outside metal cars.

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