Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To understand the World you need to understand Youth!

To understand the World you need to understand Youth!
Here we are trying to continue our research about Generation whY and to learn some new features of us.
I believe that those student who are studying now at Universities are pretty different from me and from you (people who graduated less than 2 years ago).
I think that if we want to make business, organize event or project, 
1. we need to understand who are young people (which is their level comparing with us), 
2. which are their needs, interests (and which level they want to have), 
3. and then to propose them level more comparing with their possible needs. This is how progress happens, how evolution goes, in my opinion.

Here is some more features of Gen whY, which we need to consider to succeed:
  • Collective conscious -social networks, globalization move Gen whY to organize random groups (people of different ages, cultures, education, nationalities) and to create content according to their interest. Synergy effect works here more than ever before [Синергия].
  • Non-lynear thinking- say "no" to standard models, algorithms, way of thinking! They are as non-lynear as world wide web. Nobody could control internet. A world of tweets is pretty good example []
  • Remix- as we say in Russia: "all new things are just well forgotten all things". But remix in our days is a mixture salad of styles, forms, colors, fashion trends. 
  • Time & space continuum - we are moving through ages, we can be in different parts of our planet, we can be up and dow.
  • Work+pleasure (we succeed if our work is fun).
  • Small possible dreams & Big Ambitions (we can do well while producing designed shoulder for clothes made by our own hands).
  • Crowd power & Program breaks (one small mistake in a world of the crowd may cost us everything).
  • Schyzofrenia- I thought before that it is my personal diagnosis, but it is not like this, it is a diagnosis of the society (we play too many roles, we perceive ourself to differently, too many crazy ideas).
  • ? Questions ? We ask a lot of questions! Which role I am playing? Am I doing the right activity? What will be the result of my blogspotting? etc...
I liked this video, cause it shows us our reality. But even after this video I feel that I'm getting late...

Wish you to be on the same wave with a reality, youth, society, world.
Keep on diagnosing Gen whY!

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