Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How much time have you wasted on Facebook?

"How much time have you wasted on Facebook?" - this was and article coming from TIMES.

The question is more than relevant in era of social media.
To tell you the truth, in Russia the question would be "How much time have you wasted in Vkontakte?". And I would be more scared from my results.
Main reasons I am using Facebook is to communicate with my foreign friend. Friends mostly made with AIESEC. And with my AIESEC Russian friends living in Moscow. And to get the news.
Main reasons I am using Vkontakte is to promote my business. FOR YOU textile design and printing. There is a group where I am posting new goods, some stories, some pictures. Another reason is communication with diverse audience of my Russian friends (school friends from 4 schools I had fortune to study in), university friends, Russian AIESEC friends and all other friends I have. Also I am usually listening to my favorite playlist in Vkontakte and watching videos. Now not that often after they cleaned movies from Vk.  Content is more about social issues I am interested in, design, ecology, animals, events in St.Petersburg, new local spots.
On FB I have 967 friends, in VK - 929 and most part of them is not the same people (ok, some AIESEC friends are). 

Well, my result was equal to the vacations spent in a country called Facebook...
In Vkontakte it would be much more... Considering the fact, that I am listening to the music ofter and posting in my group.
Still rather scary. You should try too. Here is a link.

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