Sunday, November 7, 2010

Generation whY?

I've read a lot about Generation Y. Here are some characteristics of US:

  • born between 1978 and 1994 (dates are approximate for different countries)
  • they are children of the web and globalization (they are the first one who started to use web 2.0)
  • they are well-educated, well-informed, motivated and flexible
  • they are ambitious and individualistic
  • they are very different from Gen X and Baby-boomers
  • they are citizens of the world
  • they ask questions

whY? Generation whY? what is the role of US?

And I am asking this question as a person who started to face real adult life, who are listening to the lie-news, who is watching those money-oriented economy, who is watching pollution and poisoning, who notice low level of life of 75% of people in the country, who is facing those value conflicts between generations.

Those question we asked all the time: what will be the world in 2020, 2030 2040?
I feel that now I need my own answer to them and this answer should be specific.

Cause it's already our time. Our time in business, economy, media, social media, social sphere, arts.
Cause time is too short? 
GEN whY?

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