Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heart. Human heart. The most powerfull engine in the world, the most powerfull organ in the human body.

There is a definition in Kabbala "the point in a heart", which means the fisrt 'embrion' of the soul. The point where the soul of the person starts. It is out of materialistic needs of a person.

The activation of this point happens when the emptyness and nonsatisfaction of a humanbeing concentrating give an opportunity to understand the meaning of life.

It is also very connected with the balance and disbalance- those main points of the development of personality when you go out of the usual behaviour and feeling and you start to feel a little bit strange or not a little, going out of yourself.

Such kind of a moments in a life of a person usually are not very frequent, but they are very usefull.
Person starts to learn new things, to study 'life', to investigate and to explore.

Physically it may be compared with a feeling when thousands of small knifes are cutting your heart from inside and thousands of voices are in your head.

But I think that it is an absolutely right movement.

I am in this position now. And I am happy for this process...

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