Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer in The City

Saint-Petersburg have 3 times less summer sunny days than Amsterdam. And people here enjoy summer as much as it is possible. Everything seems to be 2 times more beautiful, peaceful. I just love Saint P. during summer days like today. Hot air, beautiful people girls in short and light summer dresses, sun is shining into my window when I wake up, warm walks with my dog around the city in the morning, green grass, green flourishing trees, public transport, tasty drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, sunglasses, favorite clothes, friends (some are missing, but still). Opportunity to go to the forest, to eat berries, to go the Finland Gulf to grab some sand. Bicycle. Warm walks around the city at night. No procrastination.  Hot cars, many ideas, open roofs somewhere, gardens and flowers, water, boats, yachts. Good articles, nice leaflets. Just joy and enjoyment. And also we have found some nice yard with a lot of graffiti, which also can increase your mood. Cause graffiti is not just drawings on the walls...


  1. Sunny days itself not guarantee joy. Walking under rain or creating snow figures could bring a lot fun also, couldn't they?

  2. You are absolutely right! Enjoy every moment! Train yourself to notice little things!

  3. Yeah unfortunately all kinds of that training require personal restraints. Everything is relative =) you know.