Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to identify truth and fake in the news?

How can I identify, if news is real/truth/happened or if it was created by newsmakers/advertisement agency/politicians?
0. One way to understand it is to check the newsfeed during some period of time.
1. Check how news was developing during a month (growing ratings and following down in few days and then growing again or just one big pick?)
2. Did they say how everything had started/happened?
3. Did you hear/see any personal stories from participants?
4. Did they continue giving you new details or were repeating the same stuff?
5. Check how big approximately was social media fad about this topic
6. Were there diverse videos from people on Youtube around this topic, or there were just 5 plots going all over the web and TV?
I noticed, that when our TV and radio [mostly censored and government-rulling channels] are showing some cases about terrorist killed by the military man in Caucasus or showing some heroic operation made by "ex-KGB agents", they all have the the same structure. There is no info about those people before, they appear  from nowhere, do something and then disappear nowhere. There is no other people who were participant in their operations, there is no clear details and, as we say it in Russian, "all ends are going under the water".
But if the situation is real, it is full of details. Like it was in Japan with Fukushima.
Here is the map where you can see world's reaction (social media fad) around those catastrophe. It has interesting dynamics, and it shows, that this was real.

How Fukushima's Radioactive Cloud influenced Social Networks globally
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Wish you to identify truth and false in the news! And if you have other methods to do this, I would be graceful for your comments!

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