Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Technologies are Changing Economy?

   Technologies are changing the world. Nowadays costs to process information increased a lot. It is cheaper to produce product rather than to sell it (companies spend a lot of money to explore the market, to learn customer's preferences, to create selling brand, to promote, etc). 
   Economic theories taught us the curve of demand-supply, that customer choses product which is better and cheaper. Today is important which products customer buys, why and what kind of effect customer wants from it. 
   It is difficult to define the real quality of the product according to it's price, cause the price is build not standing on real utility, but marketing and branding. Bloggers --> communities --> on-line societies --> and soon --> clubs around interests, satisfy needs of users in qualified information and communications. All informational economy is working to create clubs. What is interesting, one single man needs not only 1 club, but several according to different faces of his personality. Subjective statements become products, valuable for members of the club, which at the same time is being build with this type of statements.

? Do you know, how many club's/ social network's/ communities are you  a member of ? [If it is possible, mention some of them in comments]. Personally, recently, I registered in [art], [sports] and 
   In the society, where the voice/ subjective statement of a single person becomes measurable (now you can check the value of your Twitter account), the new system of relations may survive?!
? Did you hear about thanksgiving relations system ? -->
Try then pay. 
Series of experiments were made, here is 2 of them:
1). Musicians from Radiohead, Nine Inch Nail and "Мумий Троль" (Russian rock band) and other bands share their music in the internet for free and ask their fans to pay the amount of money people think is giving the right value to the product.
2) In Freakonomics there is a story about the guy who became millionaire after leaving a box with muffins every morning in offices of different companies together with a box 'donations' and taking it away in the evening. 
The same experiments were made in different part of the world. [Of course there are situations and societies where it works 'more' or 'less', but it works. And it is not about donations. It is about paying for the certain product to certain seller].
   There is a new economics, economics of "the Rubbish civilization", where people produce so much informational rubbish, that costs to produce it became very low. Everyone can produce, but the quality is very different (from low to high, and as some books say, from 100 people only 13 have innovative thinking). 
   Leaving in the Rubbish civilization is possible to choose and to measure value and importance of a product by yourself. There is an alternative economy. And it exists?
  • What do you think? 
  • Are you ready to 'pay after consume'? 
  • How much does your opinion costs? 
  • How much you rely on opinion of your peers?
Here is some more links around these topics:

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