Sunday, January 30, 2011

Insomnia : dreams & memory

I am not in a sleeping mood again! Thanks to my internship preparation period and free time!  I decided to share with you some interesting facts about dreams and memory.
Scientists found that we have zones of wakefulness and quiet in our brain. So that some of our neurons may be in relaxed mood while we are awake and may be working while we are sleeping. Some of them start to realize their biological function when we sleep. Psychological functions are being repaired during the long sleep. During the fast sleep our brain digests information, and some of neurons produce acid which help our brain to run its function well.
Hormon melatonin is being produced only in the darkness, and it also affects our sleep in a good way. So it is better to sleep when it is darkness around.
Good sleep is giving strength to our memory to remember things. If we don't sleep well our educability is falling down (in average - 60%).
If you study in the morning, you won't remember a lot in the evening, but next morning you remember everything, the same if you study in the evening- you remember things well in the morning, but next evening you need to force your memory. So if you want to prepare well before exams, better to study in the morning and in the evening, and sleep well during night.
Scientists also recommend that if you need to learn something urgently, better to have a nap, in the condition of drowsiness your brain will accumulate information better. Also they say that during sleep you can not study anything unconsciously, during sleep you can just fix the steps of information in your memory
Thanks to for such interesting food for thought.

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